5K Races in Chicago

The windy city is full of runner, from the occasional jogger to regular 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon runners, all with varying degrees of running skills. Obviously, this means that the city hosts a large number of races and among the varying distances, the 5k race is among the most popular. Besides top class professional athletes from all over the world, you will find local runners who have near world class times. And of course, a huge majority of people who run just for to fun of it.

Chicago is a nice city for running. What is nice about running along the shoreline is that you can run a pretty flat course if you don't mind the suspect weather. Even the wind, which professionals who measure their times in hundredths of a second often complain about, is something that most other runner find refreshing. Another nice thing about Chicago is the people who are ever ready to stop on the sidewalks and cheer on runners as the pass by.

Chicago 5k races are scheduled all year round. In fact there may be weeks – or even days - when there are two or more 5k runs scheduled. With this plethora of racing opportunities, it is often difficult to decide on which race to enter. Given below is a very small list of just some of the many 5k races held in Chicago every year.

There are a few races in November in Chicago and one of them is the Edison Park Turkey Trot. Turkey trots are extremely popular in Chicago. There is a big one held every year in Lincoln Park, but smaller one like this have their own charms and attract a bunch of dedicated runners who return year after year.

A 5K Running that has changed from being a night time run to a morning one without losing any of it popularity is the Universal Sole Resolution Run held in December. One of the neater races in Chicago that is very scenic is the race that goes along the lake shoreline and there is a big following of people that come out for this race.

A popular annual event is the New Years Day 5k Race which, as its name suggest, is run every January first. People who run this one are dedicated runners who have forsaken their New Year’s Eve festivities to be in a condition to start the year off on the right note by running in this race. Of course, you will also find quite a few blurry eyed runners who have not recovered from the previous night’s excesses trying to stagger the distance.

In May there is the Alivio Y Saud Jogging event which happens in Harrison Park. This race is run for a good cause and benefits the medical center it is named after which provides healthcare for those in need.

If you like to race in the evenings, you could try the Chicago Fire Fighters 5K Running Run for the Kids which begins from the Great Lawn at Soldier Field. This is another run for a great cause.

There are a huge number of other 5k races that take place regularly in the city. To find out more join one of the many running clubs or groups that are located all over the city.

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