Jogging Your Way to a 10K Race

Most joggers do not think of themselves as runners. They are jogging to get fit and this may be an age old habit. Others dream of one day running in 5K or 10K races. If you are this type of person, the biggest change is going to be that you will need to be in a schedule in order to attempt a race.

When you first decide that you will run in 5K or 10K races one of the best things to do is either get a 5K Running coach or someone who has been successful at running one of these races before now. If you want to be realistic, its good to set a goal for running a 10k in a time period that is at least more than 6 months away.

This will not work because you will have more of a chance to hurt yourself if you do it in that way. Its always a good idea to first start learning about running. Although most people think they already know how to run because they are jogging, this is not true.

Running takes a new set of skills. This is why some people start with a 2K, 5K or 8K race before they start running in 10K races. The important thing is to start where you are and run at the pace you are running and then pick it up a bit. If its a 10k you want to run, take the example of a 2k of you should be running 2 miles every day very easily.

What you will do is start out with your jogging pace, and then increase it over time. You will also increase your distance so you will have a longer run. This will test your stamina and this can also be built as you go further. Some people will give different advice, but if you are jogging 3 times a week with 2 days inbetween of cross training, then you will be in good shape.

 Cross training means that you will do more than running on those other two - things like biking, elliptical, roller blades or biking are some of the examples you could do for these other two days.

Another area you will want to 5K Running for is speed. There are many speed programs on the Internet that will help you train for a 10K races, and here is an example:

§ Warm up for 15 minutes Jogging easily.
* Go into an all out run for at least 10 minutes and then slow down for 2 minutes at a lesser pace.
§ Eventually run between 30 seconds of intense intervals at whatever pace you do a mile in and then another 30 seconds of slower pace.
§ Keep doing the pattern until you can't do it any more.
§ Finish with a two mile run in a jog or easy run.

You can basically set up any type of program like this for yourself but if you need help you can find it easily by doing a search on the Internet.

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