Learning about 10K Running

A 10k run means running for 6.2 miles. It may not seem all that far in comparison to other longer distance that people run, either for enjoyment or for competition, but it is still a major distance and requires careful preparation and training. The 5K Training is popular because (a) training for it can be done on a part time basis without interfering with a person’s normal activities, (b) it is more of a challenge than a 5k race but is still within the ability of most people to achieve and (c) the length of the course and the duration makes it easier to arrange than marathons or other long distance races.

Why do people run 10k? Among the many reasons are:
Sometimes people who have run a few 5ks and are looking for a new challenge start to go to 10ks
· It is a target oriented race that requires something more than the abilities of the casual runner
· It is a true test of a runners physical condition and running ability
· It is the best form of aerobic and cardiovascular exercise that can be done without taking up an unreasonable amount of time and is suitable for those who have other commitments in life

Most Jogging runners have graduated from the 5k stage. If you are new to running, it is best to focus on the 5k and settle into that routine and condition yourself to it before trying 10k. Do not try and go for the 10k distance right from the beginning. Your progress will be slow and many people who try this become disheartened and give up. A reasonably fit beginner can reach 5k in 3 or 4 months and then try his hand (or should it be legs?) at a few races. Once he knows where he stands as a 5k runner, he can start looking at working his way up to 10k.

A common mistake people who are 5k regulars make is to think that stepping up from 5k to 10k is just a matter of increasing stamina. Yes, that is an important part of it but so is the mental preparation and the motivation level. There is a lot of mental strength that is needed to run a 10k along with the physical strength. Remember that training for a 10k takes some time and if you are training alone its possible to get lonely.

To begin 5K Running the first thing you need to do is make sure you are fit enough to start. Consult a doctor before beginning any training program. Find a training program that is right for you. Its a good idea to see where your fitness level is and figure out how and where to get started. Find a training program that suits you. Running 10k is not just covering the distance. There is an art and a science to it that will make the effort result in the maximum physical benefits, allow you to perform to your best and make the running enjoyable.

There's time involved in training for a 10K so remember that it will take time to get up to a competitive running pace. Remember that your goal is to run 10k as fast you’re you comfortably can and not to be able to run 10k within a month or two of starting your running.