What is Fitness Circuit Training?

Fitness circuit training is an exercise routine that has become incredibly popular recently, particularly over the past couple of years. If you think it sounds interesting to you, here is some information on fitness circuit training that you are going to find incredibly helpful.

Top Fitness Workout - Fitness Circuit Training

When it comes to fitness circuit training, there is a lot to know. This is a type of interval training in which strength exercises are combined with endurance/aerobic exercises, and which works by combining the benefits of both a cardiovascular and strength training workout.

Circuit training is a great way to improve your mobility, strength and stamina. The circuit training format utilizes a group of about 6-10 exercises that are completed, one exercise after another.

Each exercise is performed for a specific number of repetitions or for a prescribed amount of time before moving on to the next exercise.

Planning is going to be crucial when it comes to circuit training. You need to identify the possible exercises that can be performed with the equipment you have available, and a circuit should be a set up so that you work each body part as follows: total body, upper body, lower body, core and trunk, total body, etc.

In circuit training, you use a workout structure known as vertical progression, and this means that one muscle group is experiencing downtime and preparing to take on the next challenge. Circuit training is great because it gives your muscle groups the maximum possible recovery time between reps, thereby allowing you to work harder for a longer period of time without the kind of fatigue you would encounter in the most typical workout.

All of this information on fitness circuit training will be very useful to you but remember that this is just a bit of the multitude of information that is out there. If you want to come out of this all with the best results, you should become as educated as you can on the topic of circuit training and ensure that you are going to be getting the very most out of all your workouts.

You may even want to hire a personal trainer, at least for a couple of weeks or so, as they will be able to talk with you and help you get off on the right foot with your circuit training. They will be able to keep an eye on you while you are performing the exercises to ensure that you are doing them right and help prevent injury.

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