Risks of being overweight

Being overweight

Believe it or not, almost 7 out of 10 people are overweight.  This information pertains to the United States only, a testament to how prevalent the condition truly is.

Are you one of those 7 individuals?  How do you find out you're obese?

Basically, the universal gauge when it comes to one's perfect weight is a formula tagged as the body mass index, or BMI.  The formula is somewhat plain: the person's weight (in kilograms) divided by the square root of the subject's height (in meters) equals the person's BMI.

Principally, a BMI of about 22 to 25 denotes the person is within his perfect weight range.

A BMI of 25 to 29.9 would connote that the individual is obese.

And a BMI of 30 or above denotes that the individual is overweight.

The body mass index is the most accurate and generally recognized measurement of being overweight or obese.  Many institutions refer to this number in verifying the existence of the situation as well as interpreting the hints it conveys.

The BMI should never be disregarded.  Being overweight poses several health perils, and many of them can be deadly.

The most common of such health dangers is, surely, the progression of cardiovascular ailments.  Because your heart won't get bigger with the rest of your body, it will have a very hard time keeping pace with the hassles of your growing built.  More strain will be placed upon the heart and it will become more delicate You should keep taking healthy foods like wu yi tea, acai berry in your diet.

Indeed, the blood vessels and the veins will perform vital tasks as well.  Being overweight will make you vulnerable to fat and cholesterol buildups in the chief ducts, which may arise to coagulating, which in turn may lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Being overweight will also make you more likely to obtain cancer. Breast, esophageal, colorectal, liver, gallbladder, pancreatic, stomach, and prostate cancers are always coupled with the condition.

Musculoskeletal difficulties are likewise to be projected.  Backaches caused by the load to be carried, osteoarthritis brought about by the destabilized bones, and gout because of the unhealthy diet that causes the state of being overweight are just some of the natural discomforts that are most likely to be suffered.

If you're overweight, consider it as a warning.  After all, being more than your ideal weight takes away  6 to 7 years of your life expectancy. 

Weight loss should be your most important taget.