Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD Review

The workout secret of the elite Russian army, the kettlebell has now become one of the best pieces of exercise equipment the world over. And now, it has not been only the choice of men who want a muscular build, but by women as well who want to have a slender physique coupled with superb strength.  Many fitness gurus hail it as the one piece of exercise equipment anyone needs to get a fast full body workout.  Kettlebells combine cardio and resistance training in one short 15-20 minute workout.

Kettlebell Reviews:

The best way to get fast workout results is by combining cardio workouts with resistance training workouts. The Russian kettlebells have the ability to do both – but, without creating bulky biceps or abs, which is what women try to avoid. Your muscles get bigger and more refined and you become more flexible. So a more well-defined physique is achieved.

To start with, you need to buy a kettlebell, they do sell cheap kettlebells at Academy and Sports Authority if you have one in your area. 

Kettlebell drills are a serious workout. Even though the workouts are short, they're also intense and explosive. Thats what makes it a good fat burner. One way to make sure you are doing the exercises right is to watch a video.

Kettlebell Goddess Workout Review:

"The Kettlebell Goddess Workout" is a 2-hour, 25-minute, interactive, menu-based DVD. It features senior Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Andrea DuCane; challenging and inspiring women across all ages to get hold of the strength and figure they are looking for. It is produced by Dragondoor, the world leader when it comes to Russian kettlebells.

The DVD features proper execution of kettlebell workouts, plus cool downs and stretches. Women can customize their own training program by mixing a wide variety of Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs and Cardio workouts. Or, can simply follow along with any of the six sessions.  There is no better one piece of equipment that compares to the kettlebell.  No where else can you combine cardio and resistance training into one short 15-20 minute workout.  Try one today.