Exercise Rowing Machine

What You Need To Know About An Exercise Rowing Machine

Various forms of  exercise rowing machines have been popular pieces of commercial and private gym equipment for a few decades now.  They work out more muscles than stationary exercise bikes.  In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, most exercise bikes were equipped with moving handlebars to work the arms and upper chest in a rowing motion while the legs worked the pedals as usual.This tended to mean that your torso was jerked around in an uncomfortable way.  Rowing machines give you a whole body workout but do it comfortably.

So What Are The Other Benefits

Exercise rowing machines are good for all ages except very small children or heavily pregnant women because they are easier on the joints than most other pieces of home fitness equipment.  And, you can row (or scull) as fast or as slow as you like and still get a good workout.  Since they are popular, there are many varieties, brands and styles to choose from.  They are considered standard pieces of equipment in professional gyms or health clubs, but a decent one can usually be purchased for about $500 (give or take a C-note).They tend not to take up too much room in your home as the are very small and compact.  Some people like to roll them under their beds.

Shopping Tips

Before you lay down any money to buy any rowing machines, tell your doctor about your plan just to be sure that you are physically able to use a rowing machine.Now the first time I went on a rower I did not get the hang of it straight away so be patient and you will soon get used to them.  You need some instruction with your machine.Try one out in a Health club or Gym or ask a friend that already has one if you can have a demo, see how they work by looking on the internet at Youtube and watcha video demo.  If you can’t do that, then be sure the rowing machine comes with detailed instructions.  Some even come with instructional DVDs or videos.

Please buy from a reputable dealer whether you shop online through the world wide web or otherwise.  Be sure about any shipping or delivery charges before you buy.Shipping charges can be quite expensive for rowing machines, depending upon where you live, the reason is because the average machine is about seventy pounds in weight.  If you buy online, be sure the online store has an understandable Privacy Policy and a customer service email or phone number that actually works.  Do comparison shopping and have fun.

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