Concept Rowing Machines 101

Summary Information On Concept Rowing Machines

A rowing machine has many benefits over other exercise equipment, and namely it is ideal for burning fat and gaining muscle. It isn't as easy as it sounds trying to find a rowing machine as the variety on offer can simply overwhelm you. As with most things in life there are some that are better than others and yep, you guessed it, the Concept Rowing machines are one of the better ones.

The Best Features And Durability

The Concept Rowing Machines are definitely one to be recognized. It's common knowledge amongst rowing machine aficionados that the Concept rower is in the top 5 largely because of the versatility it offers. The amount of different exercises, working all different bodyparts, that you can perform on the Concept makes it so much more conveinient and as such means that it gives you so much more bang for your buck.

Additionally all the component parts are very high quality with ultimate aim of making it last. Let's say, for example, you use your Concept rowing machine 5 times a day! Don't worry about it breaking down as these are made to last. This means 2 things to you - number one you will feel more comfortable and number 2 you feel more at ease during your gruelling workout.

This machine is based on air resistance technology, which means that the resistance comes from your own pace and continues to increase as your pace increases. What makes this so cool is that you have a great deal more control than you would otherwise have on other machines that have different types of resistance. The only downfall to the air resistance models is that they are generally much noisier than their counterparts.

The Concept Rowing Machines do not have any brake pads to wear out or friction mechanism needed to generate heat, and it is brilliant in that it registers your power output, monitors the distance rowed and all in all combines everything that is necessary for the perfect, effective piece of exercise equipment.

Less than 11 screws, pull the legs out, lock the frame and, hey presto, the rower is installed. Installation tools, instructions, pictorial instructions - they're all there in the price that you pay. It takes about 1/2 an hour for you to do.

The Key Facts And Figures:

Length 240 cm

Width 60 cm max

Height 90 cm

Weight 28 kilos

Where You Can Buy One

If you are interested in purchasing the Concept Rowing Machines for yourself, you should first try Building Bodies, Apple Fitness, or Fitness Depot, as these are all longstanding, reputable and respectable companies that offer high quality fitness equipment at low, reasonable prices. In the end it's up to you which machine you buy however ansure that you understand all the features it offers and make sure you give it a demo run.

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