Diet Is A Four Letter Word

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By Jim Nettleton

Right out of the blocks, let’s establish the fact that dieting shouldn’t really be necessary. Unfortunately, primarily because of what we consider a normal intake of food, going on a diet has become all too prevalent these days.

We are bombarded on all sides by a tidal wave of advertising promoting foods that, for the most part, aren’t very good for us. We don’t get the nutrition we need on a daily basis and instead take to snacking on food items that are basically worthless.

Nature never intended for us to eat the way the majority of the population does. Nature intended that our food intake be laden with fruits, nuts and vegetables, not Big Macs and Whoppers. By largely turning our backs on what we should eat, we increase the chance that we’ll feel hungry more often, a result, in part, of not consuming those foods that contribute to our nutritional makeup.

The epidemic of obesity, especially among the young, is truly a tragedy. Obesity leads to myriad health problems and diminishes the general quality and joy of life. All of us need to think less of dieting and more of consuming the right foods that will genuinely nourish us and help us fight the urge to eat more and more all the time. If dieting is truly necessary because of health concerns, make sure you diet sensibly. Help is available at my website

Take stock of your eating regimen. Be honest with yourself about what you shop for and wind up putting on the table. Make a conscious effort to stock your refrigerator and cupboards with food that will benefit you.

If you strive to develop a truly balanced diet the rewards will be legion. You’ll lose weight naturally, without the need to go on a strict, unfulfilling diet. If you take that route, once the weight is lost, you’ll be much more likely to start drifting back toward your old habits.

The general population needs to study what has happened in many countries around the world as soon as they were exposed to western diets. Oriental diets were always functional, natural and fat fighting. In recent decades, as more and more fast food franchises have sprung up in those societies, increasing weight problems have skyrocketed.

We have control over our body weight and food intake. Relegate the word diet to the four letter word status. Start planning balanced, nutritional meals as soon as possible and you and your family will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

About the author:

Jim Nettleton is a radio & TV professional with over 40 years of major market experience. His wide range of interests include nutrition and working with natural health clinics for many years. Check out his comprehensive weight loss website at