Effective Plan to Lose Fat Not Muscle

It is our first priority to work out and do whatever is necessary to lose fat and not muscle. After all, who doesn’t like to have or look at a fantastically slim body with the right build? What you are going to need to do may not be exciting, but don’t you worry. Every minute of you working out to lose fat not muscle is going to be worth the time and effort you have to put in. In this article, you’ll not only learn you how to workout but also how you to rearrange your diet for great fat loss results.

When you want to start losing the fat and not muscle, you will have to be prepared to rearrange your entire life style. There are many different kinds of workouts you can do. You can start with a simple 2 mile walk every morning. This is the easiest workout you can do when it comes to making your body lose the fat while keeping your muscles. If you are ready to sweat, you might consider going to a gym to workout as well.

Please do remember not to over stress your body in the beginning at the gym. Just start with a light warm up by using the exercise bike or treadmill for about 10 minutes. Then you can perform a dozen push-ups or more as you wish. Bench pressing is another exercise that helps with fat loss while strengthening the muscles of your arms, chest and back. If you’re just starting out, you really shouldn’t do any heavy weight lifting until you build your strength up, since it could be quite stressful and dangerous to your body. For beginners, it is not advisable to exercise too much at all, since your body isn’t used to the stress. If you over exercise this may result in complex medical problems in the future.

Now that you have started sculpting your workout sessions, you also need to add a few finishing touches on your lifestyle. First of all, smoking is completely off limits for you. Also, drinking should be kept to a minimum. Next, you should have a little peek into your fridge. Unfortunately, you’ll need to eliminate all of the high fat junk food and processed food. All of this unhealthy food should be replaced with lots of protein rich foods like fish and low fat dairy. You also need to stock up on loads of different vegetables and fruits, as you need to make sure that your food intake consists of at least 50% of vegetables and fruits. This will make sure that your body gets everything that it would ever need like vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber while eating fewer calories.

Losing fat and not muscle isn’t all that difficult when you know what to do and can get into a routine. When you follow all this advice properly, you can watch as your fat bids you farewell and your muscles say hello again to you.

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