Learn to Train for a 5K

A lot of people wake up in one fine morning and decide they want to 5K Training . The know a sprint won’t give them the exercise they want. 10k and above are frightening distances to cover and most folks don’t have the courage to attempt it from the get go. But 5k (or 3 miles if that sounds more reasonable) is something most people think they can achieve easily. This can be made to happen only as long as it is going about it in the right fashion.

Most people start running because of health or weight concerns. Maybe your doctor told you that you need more exercise. The problem is that everyone wants to start running the full 5k from day one or thereabouts. It never works and trying it will result in a rebelling body, with aches, pains, sprains and a feeling of dejection when they see how little ground they are actually able to cover. This often results in people getting turned off and giving up the idea of running. Its sad, because not only are they missing out on a great form of exercise, but also on a great deal of fun and a sense of personal achievement.

The best way to start is to find a good beginners’ training program to follow. There are books and websites aplenty offering such programs. Remember its all about your own body and how it reacts so choose a program that you are very comfortable with. Stay away from those that promise miracle results in a short time. Things that aren't fun for you or your body is what comes about from doing things this way. Getting into shape for 5k running will take about 2 to 3 months, depending on your age and general condition. You really don't want to try to rush through things. Your aim is to run the distance, not see how fast you have reached the level of running it.

Whatever 5K Training program you choose, stick to it and don’t try to skip steps to speed things up. The plans will have been designed taking a lot of factors into consideration and even if you feel super fit when completing a step and think you can jump ahead one or two, don’t. Its important to remember that your body needs to be prepared and conditioned or else this process is going to be very painful. If you find a program does not suit you for any reason, find another more to your liking and try that.

Begin slowly and regularly. Remember that you should not 5K Running more than 5 days a week – your body needs rest to develop, which it can’t do while it is constantly being exercised. At the same time, don’t give in to the lazy urge and start taking extra days off. That too will ruin our training schedule.

Don’t expect great results from day one. Your body has first ot be conditioned to accept the training it will be undergoing and most programs are designed keeping this in mind. You really want to stick with a program for a good 2 months before you reevalutate your performance and take a look at changing the program. You must keep your expectations in check throughout this process or else you could become very dissapointed.

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