Jogging Basic Information

Jogging as a form of exercise is difficult to define. Saying that it is form of movement that is faster than walking and slower than running is really meaningless. If you are going at a pace of 6mph or less, then a common definition is that that is considered jogging. But since you may jog at a faster pace, a good way of looking at jogging, as opposed to running, is that when you run at your own pace for your own pleasure (or because you want to lose weight!) you are jogging and when you are in competition with others, it is running.

The origin of the term 5K Training is not known but one of the earliest recorded instanced of its use as a form of running or exercise is in Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” written in 1593 where the heroine tell someone to go jogging till his boots turn green. While running, or roadwork, has been around as a form of exercise and physical training for a long time, the modern concept of it came to America in the early 1960s when Bill Bowerman, the University of Oregon track coach, picked up the habit during a visit to New Zealand and popularized it on his return home. Today it is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the country.

There are different types of jogging. Some people combine various types and some stick to just one. It doesn’t make any difference because whatever form one tries, in the end it is still jogging.

· The most popular for of 5K Training is the casual or routine jog. There are a lot of people who get jogging into their daily routine and there are some who get it in when they can. They run for a variety of reasons – to keep fit, to lose weight, to clear their minds or just because they enjoy it. This kind of running can be done by anyone under any circumstances.
· Treadmill running is popular among those who do not have a place to jog outdoors or those who prefer an easier for of this exercise. Treadmills are gentler on the joints and the resistance, speed and incline can be adjusted to personal preferences and also varied to provide differing amounts of exercise.
· The more physically fit and those who enjoy the outdoors often go in for trail running which is more demanding. This involves running over wilderness paths and trails, on uneven surfaces and often up steep hills. Those who are hooked onto this type of 5K Running will never settle for anything else, if they have a choice.
· Some joggers enter races. These can be of any distance for a few miles to a full marathon. Their aim is not to win but to by measuring themselves against professional or semi professional runners, to be able to set their own personal goals, milestones and running targets.

Jogging is one sport that needs no special equipment except for a pair of good running shoes. The gear we just metioned is really what you are going to need, but there is plenty more running gear out there but its not essential.

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