5K Races and the Gear you will Need

If you are like most people who run for exercise and enjoyment, you will not be entering the 5k run to win. Or even to come among the top 25% of the runner. If you can achieve this, that’s fine, but it should not be your aim. If you do you will be pushing yourself too hard and could injure yourself and ruin the fun of the race. The winner are probably professional or semi pro runners and to try and outrun then is unrealistic. Their level of training and physical condition is greater than yours and is more than the average amateur runner needs. Run for the fun of it and to see how your stand among your equals, the other amateurs.

On the race day 5K Training stick to your normal routine. Trying something new in the race, such as a different stride or a different diet can cause problems that may affect your ability to run. If you want to experiment, do it a few weeks before the race so you have time to see if the new ideas suit you and if they do, have time to condition your body to them. The same applies to your running gear. You need to break in new sheos so don’t wear them in a race. Remember to never wear something on your race day that you have never worn before because you have no idea how it can effect your running.

Everyone will tell you to drink a lot of fluids before the race which is a good idea. Its good to remember that you really should still try to remain hydrated during the race. People often avoid this thinking it will slow them down. Make picking up a paper cup and drinking while Jogging a par of your training. Drinking while running means a lot of the liquid will spill but a good runner consume more than he wastes.

What you eat before a race is important. The best foods that you can eat are foods that are high in fiber and low in fat along with some carbs. Among the things you could try are  pastas, high carb and protein cereals mixed with bananas, oatmeal with raisins mixed in and bagels with jelly. There are a lot of books as well as internet sites devoted to food for runners. Many of these will be devoted to professional athletes but you will get some good ideas from them that you can adapt to your requirements and taste. Since an full stomach and running don't mix, make sure you eat your last meal about 3 hours before the race begins. During your training period you should start to try out different foods and really start to see what works well with your body and what your body doesn't like. Remember that you don’t have to stuff yourself with food to have energy for the race. More food on the day of the 5k does not mean more energy. On the contrary it will leave you feeling bloated and heavy and can slow you down. Stick to your normal intake amounts. The day before your race, you really don't want to start drinking lots of caffene or have anything that will remove water from your body that it will need for your race the next day.

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