Five Minutes to Fantastic Calves

Want sexy, toned calves? Only have five minutes? Great, then this workout is for you! In just five minutes, do these simple, no-equipment-required exercises to get ripped muscles in your calves fast.

Calf Lifts

Stand beside a chair or table and balance your weight on the pads of your feet. Keep yourself steady by placing your fingertips on the chair or table. Hold yourself in this position for a moment, then, slowly lower yourself until your feet are flat. Repeat for three sets of five.

Calf Raises

Stand on the edge of a curb, exercise block, or step with your heels hanging off. Lift yourself up so that only the balls of your feet are supporting your weight. Hold this position for three seconds and then lower yourself back into starting position. Repeat the move for three sets of five.

Calf Circles

Lay on your back with your arms to your sides. Lift one leg and point your toes. Make small circles with your toes by moving your leg. Do this for a count of 20 and switch legs. Repeat the movement with the other leg. Make sure to keep your toes pointed and your calf muscles tightened as you perform the exercise.

Extra Tips for Tight Calves

These tips will show you how to gain muscle fast in addition to the exercises above.

·        Wear high heels. They require your calf muscles to tighten when your wear them.

·        Stand on your tiptoes while you talk on the phone.

·        Try to keep your weight balanced towards the front of your foot instead of the heel.

Lastly, all the muscle-building exercises in the world won't give you fantastic calves unless you shed any fat you might have, too. You can make this happen faster than you might think with a diet plan that employs calorie cycling and healthy eating. This Fatloss4idiots review covers one of the most popular calorie cycling plans.