Exercise Gear to Add Variety to Your Workout

To add variety and depth to your workout, there are three pieces of exercise equipment that you need to know: bands, balls, and balance balls. They are your ticket to losing weight fast and getting that firm body you’ve always wanted.


Bands are rubber loops with padded handles used to tone and strengthen muscles. They are used for their versatility and function as a replacement for free weights. Travelers love them because they are light. They can easily fit into a carryon bag without making it any heavier.

When looking for bands find packages that come with light, medium, and heavy strengths to use on different areas of the body.


Balls have gained massive popularity in recent years. Called yoga balls, stability balls, and pilate balls, these massive translucent rubber balls are fantastic for targeting muscle masses. They are also sublime for those with joint pain because they cushion movement.

To find the size ball that is right for you, stand beside an inflated ball. If the ball comes up to the bottom of your backside then it is perfect for your body.

Balance Balls

You may have seen the half circle bubbles at the gym and wondered what they were. Balance balls are great for perfecting your balance, coordination, and posture. Turned one way, they are a platform on top of an unsteady base. Turned the other way they are a mini-hill ready to climb. Balance balls can be used in a hundred different, challenging, creative ways. When buying one, look for balls that are well constructed and sturdy.

All of these tools have the potential not only to burn fat fast, but also add a little spice to an otherwise dreary workout. Give one or all three a shot next time you’re at the gym. You may find your next workout buddy.

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