Will Knee Strength Exercises Make You Fitter?

If you need to get your knees stronger there are a few knee strengthening exercises that are easy to do and will make a huge difference to your fitness

This first exercise is really good for those who suffer from conditions such as chondromalacia patella. This is an inflammation of the cartlidge beneath the patella 'knee cap'.  This sometimes results because the bones and muscles on the knee are out of alignment.

Sit comfortably in a chair, you need to be relaxed.  Bend your legs as you would normally sit on a chair with your feet on the ground and your legs bent at 90 degrees, tense your thigh and hold this position for 5 seconds the release, change legs are repeat.  You need to do ten reps on each leg.  I told you it was easy!

Please make sure your breath normally while doing these exercises.

Another exercise does a little more to build strength in the muscles that control bending at the knee.

Again make sure you are sitting comfortably, cross your legs at the ankles.  The push your crossed legs forward with the back leg, then push your legs back to being folded with the front leg.  (This may seem a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it is really easy but effective!)

Switch legs by reversing the direction of the cross. If the right leg was in front, move it to the rear. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each position.

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Would you like to move onto to something a little more challenging?

Depending on your balance and the surface you're standing on, you may need to do this on a mat or carpet, or on a wooden floor. Avoid using a cement or metal floor.

Stand upright, heels together, toes a little apart.  Make sure to keep your balance.

Lift your heels up, balance on the balls of your feet.  Try to imagine an invisible string fixed to the centre of your head pulling you straight up.  Hold this position for five seconds, then lower yourself down slowly.  Do ten reps of this.  Eventually as you build up strength in your legs and increase your balance, you will be able to increase the amount of time you can stay on the balls of your feet.

To change this exercise a little try bending your knees a little once you have raised your heels and are standing on the balls of your feet.  This will also work your bottom as well as your hamstrings and quads.  Again hold for 5 seconds then straighten your legs and lower your heels.  Repeat for 10 reps.

If you can make sure you carry out these knee strengthening exercises a couple of days a week or better still daily, you will have strong, healthy knees in to time at all.

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