The two most confidential ways to stop the middle age spread

Women beginning to start menopause often hear about the middle age spread. Around this time in a woman's life, her body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. These changes usually began to take place during a woman's early to mid-forties. When menopause starts, the metabolism begins to slow, and people put on pounds. Thus begins the dreaded middle age spread.

The most obvious affect the middle age spread has on women is the signs of an increasing bulge surrounding their stomach and waistline areas. Though this is often uncomfortable and unattractive, this should be the last thing a woman should be worried about. The middle age spread is associated with a plethora of other risks. Because the weight gain is in such close proximity to so many vital organs, it leaves many vulnerable to many health issues. These risks include heart disease and diabetes, but can be avoided if the proper steps are taken to avoid the middle age spread to begin with.

The two best ways to combat the middle age spread is, not surprisingly, through a healthy and light to moderate exercise. The biggest thing to keep in mind as menopause starts is that women will burn anywhere between one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty calories less per day. Cutting out those extra few hundred calories per day will go a long way and help to make sure your body is able burn all the calories you consume on a daily basis.

The next best thing to consider when maintaining a healthy diet to avoid the middle age spread is portion control. Most restaurant meals portions are considerably over the FDA’s recommended sizes. This makes it seem difficult when ordering out as even the healthiest meal can contain double or even triple the recommended portion size.

Many women beginning menopause will also start with a calcium supplement on a daily basis. This not only helps to prevent osteoporosis, but has also been shown to help minimize the weight gain associated with the middle age spread.

Of course with the middle age spread and all diets the biggest key is to eat smart. There are many ways to avoid foods that will cause biggest weight gains. Cutting out all white, processed foods and breads a great way to start. Switch white bread for whole wheat, high fiber breads. Try to prepare foods naturally instead of frying or sautéing, which adds calories. Eating fruits and vegetables, particularly those high and switching the dairy in a diet to low-fat and fat-free versions will really help. Often times the little changes made to a diet will have a more permanent effect and better results than a crash diet.

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