Hardcore dieting facts

The most confidential facts about dieting will not appear on food labels, or within a diet plan. You may only discover some of these confidential dieting facts on the television when some local reporter decides to go undercover to expose the fraudulent companies within the dieting industry. However, the truth about dieting can be found.

One of the most confidential facts about dieting is that the diet industry has only one thing foremost in their minds, and that is to sell you books, food, exercise equipment or whole programs. If you lose weight that is secondary, and in fact, if you don’t lose weight it works in their favor because you will then either buy more of the same products or try another weight loss plan or product.

How many people have exercise equipment hidden in the back of their closets, unused, inaccessible? How much money did they pay for this? How many people have dozens of books sitting unread on the bookshelf? You must change your way of living and eating? That is where the dieting companies make their money. In the purchasing of these peripheral items that you do not need.

Instead of buying fraudlent diets, People who wish to shed a few or more pounds would do better to spend that money on a couple of visits to their doctor and on some high quality food. Keeping a balanced diet is so much better for the body. Food should be a fuel. Your body needs variety and moderation in order to keep it working properly. For example, you can prevent disease by keeping your body’s pH balance right, about 7.4 on a scale of 14. It is proven that too low a pH can cause growth of bacteria. It is better to be too high, towards the alkaline side instead of the acid side, for health. The alkaline foods are the ones you see on healthy diet plans, the nuts, fresh vegetables, grains, fish, meat and diary products. We all like sugary foods but these types of foods will take us the wrong way on the pH scale.

Serial dieting and yo-yo weight loss and gain are not healthy. You don't understand that you can only lose your money following these absurd weight loss plans. Celebrities and marketing efforts, books, plans, and schemes will never replace a solid balanced diet. You actually can eat more by eating correctly. And it will be less expensive in the long run. No more fads or gimmicks, live longer and healthier. Spend your diet money on sensible food, eat normal portions, and look closely at what is a healthy weight for you, and not a too skinny “Hollywood” figure! These are the most confidential facts about dieting that you will not find on a label or in a diet book or fad plan.

This article was written by Marc Hill. As always, I am looking for the whole mind/ body approach when it comes to solving life's problems. My list of weight loss programs can be found at: fast-ez-weightloss.ksnreview.com