Ways to Exercise at Work

If you work more than you workout, you may find that you need to lose a few pounds. But who has the time? Here are some exercises you can do at work during your breaks or lunch.


If your building has stairs, take full advantage of them. When you get to work, take the stairs to your floor instead of the elevator. During a break or lunch, head to the stairwell and jog up a few flights. Don't forget to take the stairs on your way back home.


Of course your place of business has walls, and you can use them to work out your arms, legs, and core. Stand in front of a wall and place your hands on it with your arms straight. Lower your body towards the wall while tucking your stomach in. Then, push yourself back up. Do this standing up push-up ten times to work out your arms and stomach.

Next, stand with your back against the wall and move into a sitting position. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat ten times.


Even the most common chair can aid you in your workout. Put one hand on the back of a chair and to squats and calf raises. Hover over a chair with your butt just inches from the seat. Hold this position for a few seconds to work your thighs. For a workout that works all day, replace your chair with a balance ball. Sitting on a balance ball all day will strengthen your core and improve your balance and posture.


On your lunch break don't just sit. Find a hallway path in your office building that, ideally, makes a loop. Cruz the hallways at a fast clip to get a cardio workout. Moral of the story? Look at every area of your office building as a place to get some exercise and you'll never miss a workout again. For more tips, try reading e-books, such as the one in this Turbulence Training review, to help you lose more weight.