How To Beat The Holiday Fat

Every year the Holidays come - for many this means adding a few pounds. Sure it tastes good so you tell your self you will work it off later. Some do, some do not. How can you go about preventing those Holiday pounds?

Portion Size

It is really easy to say but harder to do! All you have to do it watch your portions and do not overeat. You can also add in an exercise program if you are not exercising all ready. Hey get a head start on the New Year Resolutions.


Okay, so how can you keep your portions under control when everything tastes so good? That is where it can be more difficult as you know. You can make it easier by planning ahead before the Holiday meal.


Before you go to the meal, think about what why you would not want to gain weight. Think about how you will feel if you overeat and gain weight. Plan on what you will eat and visualize the correct portions on your plate. This will help you stick with your plan when you get to the meal.


You need to also prepare for how much you will drink. It doesn’t matter what beverage you drink, if it is not water, it will add calories. Oh and by the way the sugar free beverages are not any healthier.


How about appetizers? This is a deadly weapon that can shatter your plan. So plan ahead and determine how many appetizers you will allow yourself along with the beverage(s) and the meal. Holiday meals are a total package and you need to cover all your bases.


How about dessert? The best thing you could do would be to skip it. But that will be so hard to do for many of you. If you are one of those people that prefer savory things then you will have an advantage here. Okay so you can not resist, then ask for a little piece. Should you be given more then a small piece of dessert you do not have to eat all of it. It is your body and while it might go to waist, better if it is not on your waist.

Put all this together and plan ahead before those Holiday meals so you can avoid the weight gain blues!

Now if you should happen to put on a few pounds in spite of your best efforts then take advantage of a weight loss method called calorie shifting to help you quickly lose those extra pounds. Discover how a calorie shifting diet can help you lose the Holiday pounds!