Bodylastics: It works on Muscles, Not the Joints

My search for an exercise equipment or gadget that works well on muscles but does not hurt the joints was long and difficult.This was to replace my gym membership for which I have paid much and did workouts religiously to be 'worthy' of the price.So one day I sort of computed my membership payments and the result floored me!I could buy equipment with the total, use them exclusively, and yet save some money.

So I went looking for that optimum equipment that fills my requirement and still save me money.I comparison-shopped, looking at Bowflex and several others.Not one fit my needs, plus being quite costly and complicated as well.Some friends already own them. I tried theirs out, to see if the pro’s would outweigh the obvious con’s. It didn’t take long to realize that this equipment was not right for my routine, or needs.

Wanting to at least keep my muscles toned, I looked for 'exercise bands' on the Internet to use meantime.Then I came across something: "Bodylastics, A home gym exercise system", it said. When I clicked on the site, I was baffled.It was simply resistance bands! And they call that a whole system?Uhh ha...Probably, I thought, and looked for it.And there it was, the magic words..."Won't hurt the joints."! tough on the muscles.Exactly what I need! Yet, is that possible with just some resistance bands?

Still skeptical, but very curious, I keep reading.The write-up said the band can perform more than 140 exercises possible in gyms.The assertions were backed up by demo pictures.And it said the product was not a static strength exercise band. The different system options provided 15-94 levels of tension.The various levels of tension was designed to gradualy increase exercise difficulty without anything else.

So I thought it is worth a try with the $49.00 price.95, and try it out.Well, $49.95 is only a small portion of what I paid as gym membership fees.Perhaps it can replace the 20,000 dollars worth of equipment i had in mind.

I have been using the Bodylastics exercise bands for three months now. All I can say is: “Wow!”

Unbelievable how such a system can be so small it can be contained in a cabinet, be relatively inexpensive, yet work results comparable to gym-produced exercises. I noticed a marked improvement in my tone, strength, and even lost unneeded weight and my joints didn’t hurt anymore.

Lifting weights can negatively afffect tendons and ligaments due to overstrain.Bodylastics exercises move only the muscles with only the needed force so there is no overstraining the ligaments, tendons and joints. Thus I can take my whole gym system along when I travels.No gym membership payments anymore.The worthiest $50.00 that I ever spent!