The Benefit Of Stretching Exercise

Illustrated Stretching Exercise

Stretching exercises are recognized as a necessary part of any fitness training and physical activity; many muscle and joint injuries have been prevented this way. This is not the only thing that it is important to remember if you intend to carry our fitness programs.

To increase your flexibility and to avoid injuries, stretch before and after workout. This flexibility is further improved when you carry out muscle and tendon stretching exercises after you have finished any physical activity.

For instance, stretching movements for a warm up only have to last a third of the time that the same movements do when you are doing a cool-down, so they need to last for about a minute. It is not advisable to stretch and then relax straight away but to return to the original position slowly.

Ideally the stretch should last a few seconds then a slow return because it is easy to damage joints or even pull muscles when this is not done correctly. Work slowly in increments instead of immediately proceeding to doing the hardest exercise or position so make sure that you have stretched or warmed up all muscle groups.

A neck workout is as important as the rest of your body and is quite easy, only requiring pressure from the palm of the hand as it rests against the forehead which can then be repeated at the side of the head and the back. If you carry out regular stretching prior to fitness training you will be surprised just how flexible your body becomes and it will increase your ability to perform certain training. It is a common sight seeing relative newcomers try to compete with people who are far more advanced but this is never a good idea; just stick to what your body is comfortable with and you will gradually increase you abilities. Do not expect your body to be able to carry out the same exercises and level of training every time you go to the gym because some days you will have a better workout than others; this is perfectly normal and to be expected. Going to the gym every other day for fitness training is the best way as you can rest all your muscles at the same time and give them a chance to recover and grow before you return for another workout. Aerobic exercises are very good for the health of your heart and improve lung capacity and lower the heart rate; look to carry out rowing, running, skipping for example before you start attacking the weight machines.

Many people find music good for exercise, especially something with a regular beat that can be worked to; of course mp3 players are ideal for this. If you are someone who has trouble relaxing or sleeping then you may want to consider stretching exercises as it is good for you even if you are not working out. Even if you do not intend to workout, stretching is an excellent way for the body to relax, especially if you find yourself in one position for a good deal of the day.

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