Finally Bought a Rebounder

I finally got my rebounder. Actually I have had it for a few months now but I am just getting around to posting the news.

Of course, I did go with the Urban Rebounder. I bought it from the 'Shopping Channel' of all places. The reason ... they had a wicked price. But I forgot to factor in shipping so it cost a bit more than I wanted.

It came with 2 exercise DVD's. The first one is an introduction DVD. It helps with the very basics (like how not to fall off and how to warm up, etc). The second DVD is great. It has 4 or 5 different exercise programs. There is a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced and a dance version (I think that's all).

I really do like to use my Urban Rebounder. I am able to exercise now without the stability bar ... but in all honesty, I really did need it at first to get my balance correct.

I am able to bounce for at least 45 mins at a time and it really surprises me how my legs feel tired (a little bit like running). The difference though is that after my Rebounder workouts, my legs do not ache and my knees feel much better. Oh, and I sweat probably just as much as when I run so I am definitely burning calories.

All in all, I am super happy that I bought this Urban Rebounder. I just need to keep a schedule that allows me to workout on a regular basis and then I will be set.