Best Lower Abdominal Workout For Six Pack Abs


What is the best lower abdominal workout for six pack abs?

 There are plenty of false claims on the internet about how to achieve those elusive six pack abs. Well the good news is that with a disciplined approach and plenty of hard work you will be amazed by the results. Our lower ab exercises will build a six pack in only 10 mins a day.A high protein diet, cardio and our abdominal workout is the key to hard six pack abs. A gym membership is not needed. Muscle and abs are no different you need to work them at different speeds and from varying angles. Our best lower abdominal workout for six pack abs is designed specifically to impart maximum intensity on the abs.

The Essential Warm-up

Warming up prior to every weight training session is a must.The warmup is essential to improve elasticity in ligaments and tendons. A good warmup is essential so you can lift heavier weights without concerns of injury. Lets build those six pack abs. 

Exercise 1 Ab Blasting Crunch

Forget normal crunches lets get advanced for greater results

Lie on the floor in the Crunch position, knees bent, hands over ears, or resting on the back of the head.

Raise up using your ab power 10 inches and hold the position for 6 seconds. In this fully contracted position, squeeze the abs hard. In a controlled fashion return to the starting position tensing your abs as you do so. Repeat until failure. Then have a short 30 second rest, no longer and finish off with full range crunches to the knees.

Exercise 2 Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises are a superb exercise for building the lower abdominals.

Hang from a chining, arms extended with a shoulder width grip.Raise your legs knees together to chest level and tense your abs with no swinging. Hold in this top position for a count of 5 seconds tensing the abs hard. Then lower your legs in a slow controlled fashion and repeat. Aim for 10 reps al least.

Exercise 3 Pulley Rope Crunch

This exercise is my favourite for blasting those six pack abs.

With the rope attached to the high pulley on the cable machine, grab one end of it with both hands. Pull the rope down so that you are kneeling on the floor with your hands positioned just above your head, ensure that your hands stay firmly locked in this position. Using the power of your abs pull down from the waist until your elbows touch the floor and squeeze those abs. Do at least 10 reps. Perform this best lower abdominal workout everyday and you will soon have that abs six pack you so desire.

Author David Welton,

With over 25 years of experience in fat burning, we show you the best lower ab workouts for building six pack abs to burn off unwanted bellyfat to reveal those six pack abs