Green Tea Diet Patches: Are They Worth it or Not?

The idea of diet patches is based on the marketing success of nicotine patches. Unlike some other weight loss products, the green tea diet patches are very simple to use and there's no harmfull ill-effects.  So are you ready to find out more about green tea diet patches?  There's more to this than just simply being another pointless faddy diet

Green tea diet patches contain a large amount of green tea extract, a drink made from the steaming the leaves of the plant called Carmellia sinensis. Weight loss isn't the only benefit to be had from these diet patches. Recent studies on green tea diet patches revealed that aside from promoting weight loss, green tea diet patches can also be an effective cure for cancer and other diseases.

Clinical Studies on Green Tea Diet Patches

The weight loss benefits of green tea diet patches have even been confirmed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. These green tea diet patches actually contain Polyphenols which can really help with your body's metabolism. It's been found that green tea diet patches can really improve the energy expended by the body by four percent in 24 hours.

Also, green tea diet patches seems to accelerate metabolic rates without increasing blood pressure or heart rate. Green tea diet patches promote the process of thermogenesis, a process by which the body releases heat by burning fats. Green tea diet patches are anything but dangerous and are really effective fat-burners. Unlike other diet supplements, green tea diet patches doesn't cause heart palpitations, hypertension, or cardiovascular complications.

Green Tea Diet Patches vs. Green Tea Diet Pills

Green tea diet patches use transdermal method of delivery. This means that green tea diet patches allows the skin to directly absorb the beneficial substances, thereby, eliminating or diminishing several setbacks commonly experienced by pill users.

The benefit of using patches is that the substances found within the green tea are delivered into your body over a period of several hours. Unlike pills which requires several applications in a day, green tea diet patches is only applied once in one day.

Ingredients of Green Tea Diet Patches

Aside from green tea extract, green tea diet patches also contain other helpful substances. It might surprise you to learn that Fucus vesiculoscus in green tea has actually been used since the 17th Century is order to help with weight loss. There has been a recent study into this by Dr. Marvin Koplick of the U.S., the Fucus substance in green tea diet patches can help the body lose extra weight up to twenty pounds in 2 months. Fucus vesiculoscus in green tea is very safe and helps you to burn fat without the side-effects that some other diet products offer.

Other ingredients found in green tea diet patches are Garcinia cambogia, an exotic fruit grown in South India. Green tea diet patches also contain Garcinia cambogia which has hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is simply an antioxidant.

Guarana in green tea diet patches act as a natural appetite-suppressant. Guarana in green tea diet patches stimulates metabolism while at the same time, suppresses your appetite for a balanced weight loss.

These diet patches also have the added ingredient of Chromium picolinate. Inulin levels can be better maintained via compounds that are found within the green tea. With Chromium picolinate in green tea diet patches, maximum energy production, fat burning, and lean muscle maintenance is ensured.

How to apply Green Tea Diet Patches

Green tea diet patches are applied to clean, dry skin. The suitable places for applying the green tea diet patch is your belly, thigh, back and shoulders. Although some green tea diet patches reputedly contain green tea worth 48 hours, most green tea diet patches have a 24-hour limit.