Size Zero is Not Worth The Pain

Are size zero models too thin for the catwalk?

Whilst fashion models have always normally been thin for as long as people can remember, most people have noticed that models have become particularly skinny in the recent years. A massive debate is now raging about size zero models.  People are very much influenced by celeb diets

People thought that models like Laetitia Casta have changed the way models are supposed to be. Casta bucked the trend of fashion models only being stick thin by being that bit more curvacious, but still bagging major campaigns for Victoria’s Secret and Yves St. Laurent. While Casta cast hope for the modeling industry in the late 90’s that models can indeed be healthy, people are now again at odds with the especially skinny size zero models that are found in runways today.

Now we are back again to the time that models are far skinnier than the average girl walking down the street. Most people have shown concerns over women beleiving that to be beautiful they have to be a size zero. There is a great risk that impressionable young girls will see these size zero models and think that they need to lose extreme amounts of weight also. These younger girls could develop the idea that it is acceptable to starve just to be like those size zero models.

Luckily there are a number of designers who have addressed the situation; there are catwalks that ban stick thin models. Although it's quite obvious that many size zero models have starved themselves to become so thin, they are those who say they are naturally this way. While the debate goes on, there is still that perennial need to tell young girls that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, and beauty is not limited to size zero.  If you truly care about your health, instead of following celebrity diets, instead just follow celeb hair trends instead.