Taking Care Of The Body: Physical Fitness

There are many courses of action that an individual can take to maintain or increase their level of physical health. Some of those actions include eating a proper diet that is low in cholesterol, rich in fiber and a decrease in sugar consumption. In addition, a proper diet should be at the appropriate level of calorie consumption to either maintain or decrease one's weight.

Being involved in a physical fitness plan is another important component to maintaining one's health. This plan should consist of at least two major components. Specifically, one type of exercise to increase the cardiovascular level combined with exercises that stimulate the body's muscles.

Beginning Steps

First of all, it is important before beginning any physical fitness program to undergo a physical fitness test. This can be accomplished at a medical office or can be conducted at professional health center.

Ascertaining the level of physical fitness of the individual, their stamina and the strength of the cardiovascular system is the purpose of this process. Based on the results an appropriate physical fitness plan can be developed to match the physical capabilities of the individual.

Stimulating The Cardiovascular System

Increasing the stamina of the cardiovascular system is one of the key elements of a quality physical fitness plan. The heart and lungs makeup The cardiovascular system.

The purpose of this stimulation is to strengthen the heart muscle and to work the lungs which in turn will provide an increased supply of oxygenated blood throughout the blood stream. This is in turn will have a positive effect on all organs within the body.

Swimming, aggressive walking, bicycling and running are examples of a sound physical fitness plan that will accomplish this goal.

Exercising The Muscles

Another important aspect of a good physical fitness plan is to give attention to the muscles of the body. This is important because the muscles of the body not only allow the human to move, but support the skeletal framework.

Weight lifting, resistance exercises, swimming and biking are examples of exercises that accomplish this goal. Furthermore, a physical fitness plan that includes concentration on the muscles should be done on a consistent basis. it is not necessary to lift large amounts of weight, just more repetitions of less weight. As the body ages this is especially true.

For example if weights are chosen the upper body muscles can be exercised Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Additionally, the lower body muscles can be worked on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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